If you’re new to the cannabis industry, wax may seem to be more complex than it is. Wax is simply the most powerful form of cannabis concentrate that can be eaten in a number of ways. It is not as popular as other types of concentrates like as shatter or crumble since it is usually more costly and more difficult to utilize with conventional smoking equipment.

While this sticky material may scare a beginner user, the only thing preventing you from experiencing some top-shelf wax today is ignorance!


What is Wax, Exactly?

Cannabis wax

Cannabis wax

When most people mention “dabs,” they’re referring to wax concentrates. Wax as a product exists in a variety of forms, but one constant is that it is a black and sticky material containing excessive amounts of THC. Honeycomb and crumble are two more kinds of wax that are both cannabis concentrates but have a distinct consistency.

Wax is made by extracting THC from cannabis plant materials using solvents such as petroleum and butane. Butane dissolves some cannabinoids, and solvents dissolve lipids. They are then distilled away, leaving just the required mix of cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and so on.

You may also create your own wax at home by extracting THC using a solvent like as alcohol or grain alcohol. It’s essential to remember that extracting these concentrates on your own is very hazardous, and it’s also illegal in many locations. If you’re tempted to give it a go, make sure you take all of the required safety measures.


How strong is cannabis wax?

A few tiny hits of wax may have the same impact as smoking a full joint of cannabis, depending on your tolerance level. As a result, it’s extremely simple to overdo it! When smoking a little quantity of wax, it may take 10-15 minutes to feel anything, although some individuals report getting euphoric simply by smelling it.

Wax is also amazingly simple to ingest, making it ideal for dabbing. There is less pressure on your lungs when you dab since you are not inhaling or smoking anything. Wax is also much simpler to work with than other concentrates like as shatter, making it a favorite among many medical marijuana users who don’t have the time or patience to get high by smoking bud.


How to Make Your Own Wax Dab Pen

All you need to get started with wax manufacturing is a gadget that can heat up cannabis and extract THC and CBD oil from the plant materials. The most common method for doing this at home is to use a device known as an e-nail. This is the same technology used by professional wax makers, however it has been reduced for household usage. You may get them for as low as $100 on places like Amazon and eBay, or you can buy one straight from a smoke shop that specialized in glassware.

It’s also worth noting that when utilizing a gadget like this, you’ll need a method to collect the oil. Trying to dip your dabbing instrument in and out of a puddle of molten cannabis extract may be hazardous! A high-quality e-nail kit will include everything you need, including a specific attachment for collecting the oil securely.

After you’ve gathered and purified the oil, using a wax dab pen is an easy procedure. To begin, heat your e-nail with an appropriate butane flame and then wait till it reaches the proper temperature. When you blow into it and see thick white smoke rising from the nail, you’ll know it’s ready.

After that, just fill your dabbing instrument with some of your freshly made wax extract. To begin heating the oil, gently touch it to the nail. It will take approximately 20 seconds for it to heat up enough to be used. When it’s done, use your dabbing instrument and dab it on the nail. Wait for the extract to melt and form a puddle, about 10-15 seconds. Then, using your dabbing instrument, push down and inhale all of the vapor in one hit!

If you experience chills or feel a strong tingling sensation while doing this, you probably breathed too much at once. A regular dab of wax will not produce this kind of response. Taking smaller hits over a longer period of time is the best approach to prevent this.


Where to store Cannabis Wax

cannabis wax

cannabis wax

After you’ve had your hit, it’s critical to know how to properly preserve your wax. A piece of aluminum foil is the most simple method to keep your wax. Fold the foil over itself and secure it with tape. You’ll want this piece of foil to be as small as possible so that it may be readily stored in a bag or box.

When keeping wax in an airtight container, such as glass or plastic, leave enough space between the lid and the substance for a paper towel or piece of cloth. To prevent any sticky problems, place a barrier between your wax and the airtight container.

Keep in mind that the most essential thing to remember while keeping cannabis concentrate is to keep it from oxidizing. If your wax is exposed to air, it will gradually oxidize and lose potency over time. If this occurs, the color of your wax should shift from dark brown or black to pale yellow or green. It’s also a good idea to keep your wax away from sources of heat, such as sunshine and heated windows.

Keeping your wax in a cool, dark location, such as a cupboard or closet, can help it last longer. Keep in mind that if you reside in a very hot region, you may want to keep your wax in the freezer. Correctly storing your wax may offer you up to 6 months of potency!


What’s the Difference Between Grades and Types of Wax?

cannabis wax shatter

cannabis wax shatter

There are two kinds of cannabis extracts available for purchase from dispensaries: concentrates and edibles. Concentrates are extracted goods such as hash oil, crumble, budder, shatter, and other products that have been processed using a solvent such as alcohol or butane. Edibles are cannabis-infused foods prepared with cannabis oil or butter.

Cannabix is a wax concentration, thus the appearance distinguishes it from edibles and concentrates. The most noticeable distinction is that concentrates are typically white or dark brown in appearance, while edibles are always transparent.

Wax grades can vary depending on the type of cannabis used. Budder is produced from a high-THC strain, such as Lemon Skunk or Gorilla Glue #4, making the product very powerful. Crumble is made using a low-THC strain, such as Sour Diesel or Energetic Kush, making it less powerful than budder but still extremely pleasant for many users who want a slower high.


I hope you enjoyed reading about cannabis wax and that now you can make better decisions about its types!