It is said that some people smoke to stay slim but because vaping is the healthier alternative to smoking a lot of people are switching to vaping and have concerns that they will pick up those unwanted pounds. So here is the question does vaping have calories, does it contain sugar and will it influence my diet? Many of the smokers also worry if their appetite is going to increase when they leave their cigarettes.

Does vape juice have calories and can it contribute to weight gain?

vaping affect diet


First of all, everything contains calories it is a form of energy that gives things a mass. Vape juice is made up of Vegetable Glycerin or Propylene Glycol as a base with added nicotine and flavor. You get vape juice that has zero nicotine and just consists of the base and the flavour.


How many calories are in vape juice?

Not a lot. Normally 1ml contains 5 calories and even if you vape a lot you are not going to consume a lot of calories. Also, keep in mind that vape juice is not a food and does not contain any added sugar. Worried about carbs? Do not worry vape juice does not contain any.


Will vaping help for weight loss?

We all dream about having the perfect body but at the same time, we want to stuff our faces with chocolates, pizza, ice creams, and many more goodies. Okay, okay I will stop making you hungry and get back to the answer. Vaping might help as a distraction to keep your mouth and hands busy so that you do not put more food in your mouth.


You can also vape nicotine e-juices. It is said that nicotine is an appetite suppressant so vaping liquids that contain nicotine will help you not want to eat everything that is in front of you.


“A study carried out in England last year looked at people who vape for weight control. It found that there exists a level of concern among the smoking population about giving up and gaining weight, but that vaping might help. “E-cigarettes may help quitters to control their weight through continued exposure to the appetite-suppressant effects of nicotine and behavioral aspects of vaping,” the research says.”


The study, published in the journal, Addictive Behaviors, concluded that one in 16 people in England who smoke believe that if they quit and vaped instead, they would not put on weight. One in 22 people is solely vaping for weight loss. The researchers said that “should evidence emerge that e-cigarettes prevent weight gain, one in eight people who smoke would be tempted to quit smoking and use e-cigarettes.”

Can vaping affect intermittent fasting?



When it comes to intermittent fasting men usually fast for 16 hours while women fast for 14 hours. It means you basically have your breakfast later or skip it completely. Drinking a cup of coffee or tea is allowed because it contains a little number of calories and because vaping does too, you can go ahead and vape through your fasting.


Whether you are dieting, controlling your weight, or just trying not to stuff your face with all kinds of foods, vaping can be the solution and help you achieve your goal. So what are you waiting for? Get vaping! Improve your health!