Considered the most potent form of cannabis, wax packs are a powerful punch. But as you might’ve guessed, it can be difficult to properly consume. Enter the vaporizer pen!

A vaporizer pen is a portable device that heats up your concentrate and produces very similar effects to smoking it, except with no smoke or smell whatsoever. Not only are they super convenient and discreet, but they also offer a much more pleasant experience overall. Because the concentrate is heated to a higher temperature, it will burn less material and not contain harmful combustion byproducts that could be inhaled and cause damage to your lungs.

With so many different vaporizers on the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. With this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about cannabis vapes. From their pros and cons to how to choose the best one for you, expect to find all your answers here!


Use vaporizer pen for wax properly:

1) Warm up time

vape pen for wax

vape pen for wax

When it comes down to Vape pens, their biggest downfall is their warmup time. Many out there heat up in 2-3 minutes and that’s just too long for people who vape discreetly. But sometimes the bigger ones take 10 to 15 minutes and that’s just not acceptable.


2) Efficiency

Some vaporizer pens don’t do an exceptionally good job of efficient and will either burn more material or require you to use more material for the same results. If you vape a lot, it’s important to get one that is efficient. It will help you save money and time in the long run!


3) Batteries die fast if they get too hot or if it gets too cold outside


4) Price

Depending on how much you vape, a cheaper pen may be just fine. Some come with multiple attachments including a grinder which can be unique and convenient, but the price can be pretty steep.


5) Loading material into the pen

vaporizer pen for wax

vaporizer pen for wax

Many vaporizer pens don’t have a loading system, meaning you will have to pull out some material from your vape device and load it into the pen. Sometimes this is inconvenient and can be time consuming, but I think it’s nice that they provide you with this option on most; especially those vapes that don’t come with attachments like a grinder or herb grinders/chippers.


6) On-demand or timed hits

Some models come with an on-demand heat setting where it heats up once you inhale. On the other hand, timed hits seem to be more efficient in my opinion, but if you don’t have the right product for this feature on your vape pen, you may not get the results you want.


7) Taste

I think most people are satisfied with the taste of a good vape pen and don’t really care about getting exactly what they want. Most of them come with a cartridge filter that removes flavor and I find that it helps my experience immensely. Sometimes there are also particles of grind up that make it difficult to draw well but eventually it will burn away or work itself out.


8) Portability

There are many vaporizers that weigh less than a pound and are small and easy to travel with. You can easily find one that you can fit in your pocket and it won’t be much of a hassle. However, I would pick up a pen that is at least a pound so it will be more portable, and you don’t have to worry about having something weighing too much in your pocket.


9) Ease of use

The biggest issue with vaping is when people don’t know how to use the device properly because they don’t know the features. But a lot of people are getting better at it over time and learning how to use it the best way possible!


10) Maintenance

vaporizer pen for wax

vaporizer pen for wax

It’s important to clean your vape pen every so often after you’ve used it so that you don’t get a buildup. You can also pack material into the chamber, but this will greatly increase the cleaning time. Some models come with brushes or tools for cleaning, but I prefer just to use some paper towels.


11) Adjustment

Most vaporizer pens come with adjustable temperatures. The most popular ranges are 370°F (190°C) and 365°F(185°C). If you don’t feel like changing the temperature, some pens come with a fully adjustable temperature. This is really great because you can truly enjoy your vapor.


12) Guaranteed to prevent accidental combustion

If you are clumsy and have no patience, this could be a must have for you. Some of them come with a very innovative design that guarantees that if their temp reaches too high or too low your pen will automatically shut off without leaving any burn material behind. The feature I like the most is called automatic shut off. It’s important to note that it won’t hurt the taste or healthiness since it’s designed to shut off before combustion.


13) Grinder

Some vaporizers come with a grinder too which is always convenient. So, you can simply pack up your concentrate into the chamber, turn on your vape and get ready for a nice session. And there’s no more searching for a grinder at home because it comes with one!


14) Conduction vs Convection

Conduction is when heat is transferred through direct contact. As conduction vaporizers are heated, the herbs in contact with the heating element will produce vapor. The herbs are held in direct contact with a heat source. Convection vaporizers on the other hand use air to heat the herbs producing vapor. The herbs are not in direct contact with the heating element. The difference between these two is that conduction is faster but heats unevenly, while convection doesn’t heat as quickly but heats more evenly.


15) Type of Vape – Portable or Stationary

stationary desktop vaporizer

stationary desktop vaporizer

Considered one of the best vaporizer pens in the market, this popular mini vape pen by DaVinci looks like an e-cigarette and offers users excellent vaping characteristics with a battery life of about 3 hours and other advanced features. The DaVinci brand has been on the market for many years offering high quality vaporizers for both herbs and concentrates.



Vaporizing has been proven to be one of the best ways to consume dry herbs – or any other material that can be vaped. Portable vaporizers have evolved over the years, and some people might wonder which one is the best among them.