Portable Herb Vaporizer – Pax is probably the best herb vaporizer on the market.

pax vaporizer

pax vaporizer

It can vaporize your dried herb in less than two minutes. It has a built-in auto shut off function, so you will not be wasting electricity.

I have only tried this product for a few weeks and it really impresses me that it has been made so user friendly. This herb vaporizer has three modes – Solo, All-In-One, and Multiple Puffs.

Ther is a nice article on Marysvapes.com where you can find all the portable vaporizers.

My all-in-one portable herb vaporizer is equipped with the Pax 2 bowl.

It is larger than my original Pax, and it allows more air circulation. I prefer the larger bowl because it gives me more room to work with, and less chance of not getting a full bowl with the smaller bowl of the original Pax.

The Pax 2 also comes with two temperature settings – med. and high. I would recommend getting a portable vaporizer that has a moderate heat, because you can adjust the temperature to suit your preference.

Portaboom has the biggest screen of the three portable vaporizers in my opinion. It is so big that it actually covers the screen of my original Pax. Portaboom also comes with a portable vaporizer bag and a thirty-day warranty.

The vaporizer is small enough to carry around with you.


My Pax can easily fit in my pocket, but the Portaboom would take up a lot of space, because of its compact design. However, the portaboom only comes with one heat setting.

I did not expect much from the Pax Vaporizer. After all, it is only vaporizing dried herbs, right? Wrong!

In a month of regular use, the Pax has vaporized approximately two grams of dried herb. I can achieve the same effects with less vaporization by using the Pax vaporizer. I wish the vaporizer would come with the Pax 2 bowl. It would be great because it is a lot bigger than the original Pax.

Airvape XS Go is another model that is really good for dried herbs.

Airvape X

Airvape X

While the new portable vaporizer is great for the money, I am still waiting for the ultimate. I want one that has an adjustable heat setting and one that is light enough to carry around.


Smokeless tobacco, on the other hand, is very expensive. And I don’t smoke, so it is not a problem.

My favorite portable vaporizer is the Airvape Xs go.

It is lightweight, and it works well. It is very simple, and you can pick up exactly what you want.