Thermovape Vaporizer Review

The new ThermoVape touts a small and thin portable size, smaller than the VaporBLUNT, and also allows you to vaporize essential oils and concentrates. Their two similar designs are going to draw immediate comparisons, so let us see how they match up against each other.

Vapor Quality

The VaporBLUNT is perfectly capable of creating a thick and dense vapor that you normally can’t find from a portable vaporizer. The trick of course is packing it heavily, despite what the instructions might say about not “over-packing” (be sure to twist the turn knob a few times after packing). Fire up the VaporBLUNT to the boost mode setting immediately (yellow light) and you are off and running on your way to thick and smooth vapor.

The ThermoVape uses convection heat that heats up instantly, vaporizing your material pretty much instantly. Now the downside to this is you run the risk of burning your material and can thus affect taste. With some practice the ThermoVape can deliver some really nice vapor, just not in the realm of the VaporBLUNT.

Advantage: VaporBLUNT


The VapoBLUNT has a slim portable design with a polycarbonate build, with it measuring out to about 9 inches total. It isn’t the smallest vaporizer in the world and is definitely not pocket size. It doesn’t heat up too much with the exception of the base, but even that won’t heat up to a point you can’t hold it.

The ThermoVape has a very similar skinny design, but is much smaller at about 5 inches total. It fits nicely in your pocket and I experience no discomfort when doing so. On the other hand, though, it can heat up quite a bit when vaporizing. So, you have to be careful with throwing it in your pocket after use. The ThermoVape is also a solid nickel-plated aluminum design that looks pretty indestructible. The ThermoVape in the end offers a more durable construction.

Advantage: ThermoVape


The Vapor Blunt is considerably larger than the ThermoVape T1 but the VB’s battery life is much, much longer.

The VaporBLUNT as mentioned above is much larger than the ThermoVape, but also heats up a lot less when in use. The ThermoVape’s pocket size makes it a lot easier to transport with you than the VaporBLUNT. However, you must also consider that the ThermoVape uses Tenergy RCR 123A rechargeable batteries that have to be charged on a separate charger, whereas the VaporBLUNT you can simply plug in and use (even while charging). The battery on the VaporBLUNT also lasts a lot longer, anywhere up to an hour and a half while the ThermoVape lasts through about 10-15 pulls. These small advantages make the VaporBLUNT and ThermoVape basically dead even in this category.

Advantage: Push

Heat Up Time

The VaporBLUNT can reach its maximum temperature of 410° Fahrenheit in under a minute every time. It takes even less time if you use it on its standard temperature. By the time you start heating up the VaporBLUNT it is ready before you even know it.

The ThermoVape has no heat up time to speak of. You press the battery chamber upwards and you instantly see the chamber heat up. Although the VaporBLUNT heats up faster than pretty much any other portable vape, it just can’t beat zero heat up time.

Advantage: ThermoVape

Rechargeable Battery

The VaporBLUNT uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can give you up to an hour and a half of vaporization time. When it comes time to charge you get a blinking red light indicator and charging takes only about an hour. Also charging is made very easy as you just plug the charger directly into the VaporBLUNT itself.

The ThermoVape on the other hand uses two rechargeable batteries at a time that must be charged on a wall charger adapter. You do get a car charger adapter for them right out of the box, but you still have to remove the batteries from the vaporizer to charge them. Also the life on the batteries is nowhere near as long as the VaporBLUNT’s.

Advantage: VaporBLUNT

Accessories and Advanced Use

The Vapor Blunt is seen here with a flavored mouthpiece/tip alongside the T1 and its mouthpiece.

The VaporBLUNT has flavored mouthpieces to add some flavor to your lips, not your vapor. These are all right for the most part and do taste good, but they fall out of the vape quite often since they are made of silicon instead of the standard plastic mouthpiece. However, where the VaporBLUNT really shines is with the stir-tool turn-knob on the cap. Being able to stir your material without having to open the vape and lose heat is a great feature.

The ThermoVape has a ton of attachments to help it vaporize different oils and concentrates, which the VaporBLUNT cannot. When you are talking strictly herbal vaporizing though, the ThermoVape has the convenience of being able to simply push the battery chamber up and vaporize instantly, but there isn’t much advanced use to speak of unless you get into the oils and concentrates.

Advantage: VaporBLUNT

Bottom Line

In the end, this matchup is a lot closer than I originally thought. I prefer the VaporBLUNT’s quality when vaporizing herbs, but it doesn’t have the ability to even try oils and concentrates with it like the ThermoVape does. Both are great vaporizers, but the VaporBLUNT takes a narrow victory.