Volcano Plenty Vaporizer Review

Storz and Bickel, the makers of the world famous and best in show Volcano Vaporizer just released a brand new vaporizer so I present to you, the PLENTY Vaporizer Review. Before you buy Plenty Vaporizer you want to make sure, it is the right vaporizer for you so let us jump right in and explore the unit.

The PLENTY Vaporizer marks Storz and Bickel’s entry into the whip vaporizer market. Up until now, the only vaporizer that Storz and Bickel made was the Volcano Vaporizer, which is the mac daddy of vaporizers. The Volcano utilizes a balloon as the delivery method. This is where the PLENTY differs from the Volcano.

Acquiring this vaporizer was no easy task. The PLENTY vaporizer was literally just released a few days ago and is currently only available in Europe (more on that below). We had to have a friend in London order it for us, then ship it to us over night to the USA.

Let’s talk about the guts. The heat exchanger has a double helix, which basically results in amazing air heating and vapor quality, while optimizing the heat transfer to the chamber. The chamber is made from multiple layers of threaded screens, which lock via a spin, and can obviously be removed for cleaning when necessary. The orange button on the handle acts as the on/off switch.

These improvements are clearly evident in the quality vapor this unit produces. Nice vapor clouds of goodness. Very impressive quality, though I would expect nothing less from Storz and Bickel. On the box the unit came in, it says “Effect, Purity and Flavor” and I have to admit they right on that front. I found the PLENTY vaporizer to be extremely potent. While the experience will surely be different for each person, I ended up using much less herb when I used the plenty vaporizer vs most others. The Volcano holds the record for best efficiency with herb but compared to most of the other units, the Plenty Vaporizer is towards the top. The Purity aspect is very true because the vapor is extremely clean and there is no pollutants involved here.

The PLENTY vaporizer isn’t portable (it must be plugged in to work) but it is much lighter and easier to move into other rooms compared the heavy volcano.

One of the coolest (no pun intended) revolutionary aspects of the PLENTY vaporizer is the air-cooled whip. It is made of stainless steel, which really does help and is for a vaporizer nerd like me; I love seeing high quality material like stainless steel. It’s fun to adjust the whip to whatever angle or configuration you want. The mouth tip at the end is very comfortable and makes for easy cleaning. Don’t worry if the first few times the mouth tip tastes a bit like plastic. We noticed this but it went away after the third use. I compare this whip to using a water pipe with ice cubes added. The vapor comes out significantly cooler than other standard whip vaporizers.

Using the Plenty Vaporizer is super easy. As you can see from the picture on the right, the bottom of the whip has a circular two-piece holder for the herb. You unscrew the orange part, put in the herb, add the filter, and screw it back together. Attach the whip to the vaporizer, turn it on, wait about 2 minutes and you are ready to go.

One complaint about this unit is the fact that it does not sit up on its own. You have to lay it on its side. In addition, after extended use, the whip does get hot on the outside, enough to the point where you would not want to push it against someone’s bare skin.

Here is what comes in the PLENTY Vaporizer Package:

1x PLENTY Vaporizer
3x Screen
1x Mouthpiece
1x Liquid Pad
1x Manual
1x Long Vapor Tube
1x Short Vapor Tube
1x Brush
1x Grinder

Storz and Bickel has done it again. It is no surprise that they took so long to come out with a second vaporizer; they were clearly taking the time to properly do the research and development on it.